What is blenderlukkerISO?

Well the words blender, lukker and ISO are all camera terms.
They mean aperture, shutter and ISO.
We chose to name our blog this as this is primarily photoblog where we (Even and Mats) post pictures that are taken and edited exclusively by us.

About Even and Mats!

It all started when Even and Mats were accepted in to the Media & Communication program and started at Thor Heyerdahl High School this year (2010). They were put in the same class and found out that they had much in common. Including their passion for photography. Since then we have been collaborating a lot and worked together on many school projects and this blog is no exception! We're making this blog as an extra to our PTF project for 2010/2011. Our goal is to make the best photoblog the world has seen, with the most amazing pictures, the most outrageous bloggers and lots of other cool stuff. The thing that makes our blog so good is the fact that you as a reader will take part in what we post and what we do on this blog. Unless something extraordinary happens we will blog on average 1 time each day and post our main pictures on Tuesday as we have PTF then.

What is PTF?

PTF is an abbreviation of "Prosjekt Til Fordypning" and directly translated it means                           "Project For Specialization"
In essence each student chooses something within Media & Communication to specialize in. We chose photography.

The Project!

Our main project is to produce four pictures each that represent each season of the year, which is due in May 2011.

As we think this leaves us with too much spare time so we decided to make this photoblog as a way to broadcast our message and the pictures we take to you. On the page "prosjektet" ( we're going to post the pictures that we will be handing in to our supervisor. This is where you come in... As we already said above you can take part in deciding what happens on this blog, this is also true for our main project as you can influence what we choose as our final pictures. This means that as we go along we will have you guys voting for your favorite pictures.

We recommend that if you as a non-Norwegian wish to read our blog posts in addition to looking at our  pictures use Google Translate.

Contact us!

If you wish to contact us you can send us a mail at
or you can find us at Facebook ( and Twitter (!/blenderlukker)